For instructions to install SALT on Microsoft's Internet Explorer, follow these steps

1. Locate the web page Microsoft Speech Application Software Development Kit (SASDK) Version 1.0

2. Create a temporary directory on your computer with at least 1 GB of free space, for example, C:\SpeechSDK).

3. Under Instructions, click SASDK_V1_Full.exe and save it to you computer. Unzip the contents to the temporary directory you created in step 2 (C:\SpeechSDK).

4. If the temporary directory does not contain SASDK_Extract, you must also download this file by clicking on SASDK_Extract.exe under "Files in this Download" and place it in the directory you created in step 2 (C:\SpeechSDK) and unzip it to the same directory..

5. Click SASDK_Extract.exe and save the self-execiutng executable to the temporary directory you created in step 2 (C:SpeechSDK).

6. Use the Command Prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd) to browse the temporary directory you created, for example:

c:\> cd C:\SpeechSDK

7. Run SASDK_ExtractAll.cmd to extract the full image from the .cab files to a new installation directory. For example:

C:SpeechSDK> SASDK_ExtractAll.cmd C:\SpeechSDK\Setup

This may take several minutes to complete.

8. View C:\SpeechSDK\Setup\Readme.htm for instructions on installing the SpeechSDK. (Basically you execute the following:

\Setup\Redistributable Installers\Speech Add-in for Microsoft Explorer\Setup.exe