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Exercise 2.6

WML is a language for writing applications that display data, menus, and forms in a small screen on many of today’s cell phones. See to download a copy of the WML language. The browser for WML resides on the cell-phone itself, while the browser for VoiceXML resides on a server that is connected to the cell phone. By combining the functionality of VoiceXML and WML, it is possible to enable multimodal applications that can both speak and listen to the caller as well as display info and accept touch-tone button input. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of the following architectural approaches, a, b, and c:

a. Integrate the WML and VoiceXML browsers for execution on the cell phone. b. Integrate the WML and VoiceXML browsers for execution on a connected server. c. Enable the synchronization between the WML browser executing on the cell phone and the VoiceXML browser executing on the server.
Service delays due to communication delays No Yes Yes
Service disruptions then communication facility is “out of range) No Yes Yes
Extra expense for memory and processing capability Yes No No
Extra complexity due to synchronization between client and server No No Yes

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