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Exercise 9.4

Investigate the use of a dictation application in a telephone environment.

A. Install a dictation program on your computer. See the companion web site for a partial list of available dictation programs.

B. Before you train the dictation application, try to use the dictation program to dictate a three-paragraph memo.

C. Train the system, and then use the dictation program to dictate another three-paragraph memo. Briefly describe the difference in use of the dictation program with and without training.

D. Simulate using the telephone by asking a friend to play the role of a speech synthesizer and keeping your eyes closed as you use the dictation program. Dictate a third three-paragraph memo without opening your eyes and looking at the screen. You may ask your friend to read portions of what you have dictated by speaking commands such as “read previous sentence” and “read this paragraph.” Based on this simulation, evaluate the usability of dictating text over the telephone. Comment on the ease of editing what you dictated.

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