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Exercise 13.3

Write two multimodal versions of Exercise 5.2

A.Write a multimodal dialog scenario for a “point and speak” dialog (Use notation similar to Figure 13.4.)

Step Prompt to User User Response
Spoken Displayed Spoken Keyboard/Mouse
1 Points to date field
2 Date field highlighted December 18, 2002
3 December 18, 2002 in date field Points to time field
4 Time field highlighted Three thirty PM
5 3:30 pm in time filed

B. Write extended VoiceXML code for a “point and speak” dialog.

<form name= "date_time">
      <field name = "date" > 
           <prompt><media type = "display"> date </media></prompt>
                     <mode = "voice" src = "date.grammar"/>
                     <mode = "handwriting" src = "date.grammar"/>

      <field name = "time" > 
           <prompt><media type = "display"> time </media></prompt>
                     <mode = "voice" src = "time.grammar"/>
                     <mode = "handwriting" src = "time.grammar"/>

C. Write HTML plus SALT code for a “point and speak” dialog.


     <form id="Date"     

     <input name="txtDate" 
            type="text" ev:event="onfocus" 

      <!-- Declare xhtml script handlers for setting inputs -->      

     <script ev:target="#Date" 
                 txtDate = voiceDate;      

       <!-- done xhtml script handlers -->       

      <input type="submit" 
        <input type="reset"/>   

<!--- declare the voice handlers. -->    

<vxml:form id="voiceDate">      
   <vxml:field name="Date">        
     <vxml:grammar src="date.srgf" 
     <vxml:prompt id="Dagte"> 
            Your name.        
<!-- done voice handlers. --> 

D. Compare the two versions with respect to programming style and lines of code required.

Extended VoiceXML is declarative code, while HTML plus SALT is event driven procedural code.

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