Larson Technical Services: Voice Technology Consulting

Features of VoiceXML: Introduction to Developing Speech Applications


  • Summary of key concepts listed at the end of each chapter
  • State-of-the-art review of key speech technologies
  • Review of alternative dialog styles and how to implement them using VoiceXML
  • Human-factors guidelines for constructing speech user interfaces with examples of their application

Overview of Technology — Including voice identification, touchtone recognition, speech recognition, speech synthesis, and dialog management

  • Enables students to review new speech technologies

Human Factors Guidelines

  • Gives students hints for developing good speech user interfaces

Examples and Exercises — Example of VoiceXML code to illustrate each major principle and exercises at the end of each chapter

  • Enables students to learn the concepts of VoiceXML and to practice their new knowledge

Overview of Dialog Styles — Describes a variety of dialog styles and how to implement each using VoiceXML

  • Instructs students with implementation hints and examples, enabling them to understand each style’s impact and potential

Supporting Web Site — Contains example code, other Web site resources, list of course projects, lecture notes, chapter review questions and answers to selected exercises for students, and exam questions and visuals for classroom presentations for instructors

  • Allows students to review information and explore further into VoiceXML; gives instructors ideas for lectures and aids in exam preparation
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