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Resources for VoiceXML: Introduction to Developing Speech Applications

URLs and phone numbers for voice portals

Name Phone number URL
Tell Me 1-866-TELLME-1
Audiopoint 1-888-38-AUDIO
BeVocal 1-800-4-BVOCAL
Hey Anita 1-800-hey-anita
(set of demos)
or 1-650-847-7656

Speech Works (set of demos) 1.800.STOCKS1 (1.800.786.2571), say “Telemaster Demo”
1.888.SAY.DEMO (1.888.729.3366). From outside the US, call +1.617.428.6988.
1.800.GO.FEDEX or (1.800.463.3339),
option 5
+1.404.633.TALK (or 1.404.633.8255)

Online VoiceXML processors

Name URL
BeVocal Cafe
Hey Anita FreeSpeech
Tellme Studio
VoiceGenie Developer Workshop
Voxeo Community

Downloadable VoiceXML processors

Name URL
IBM WebSphere Voice Server SDK
Turbo Voice XML

HTML verbal browsers

Name URL
Internet Speech

Voice browser information Web sites

Organization Comments URL
W3C Voice Browser Working Group Standards Organization. See this Web site for the lastest version of proposed standards
VoiceXML Forum VoiceXML tutorials; VoiceXML conformance activity
SALT Forum Description of Speech Application Language Tags which are embedded into HTML, Java to create telephony and multimodal applications
CT Labs Comparison of four VoiceXML interpreters
VoiceXML Planet VoiceXML tutorials; annual conference
VoiceXML Central sponsered by Voice Genie VoiceXML tutorials
Palowireless VoiceXML Resource Center News, development tools, tutorials, other resources

Public VoiceXML interpreters

Interperter Source URL
OpenVXI – VoiceXML Interpreter Carnegie-Melon University Department of Computer Science Speech Group
PublicVoiceXML – VoiceXML platform Public Voice Lab Vienna, Austria

Speech conferences

SpeechTek (Speech Technology)
AVIOS (American Voice Input/Output Society)
VoiceXML World
Telephony Voice User Interface Conference
ICASSP (International Conference on Acoustic Speech and Signal Processing)

Phonetic alphabets

Alphabet Name URL
International Phonetic Alphabet

Speech synthesis

Interactive Speech Synthesis Comparison Site Comparison of TTS systems
Linguistic Data Consortium The Linguistic Data Consortium supports language-related education, research and technology development by creating and sharing linguistic resources, data, tools and standards
Linguistic Data Consortium Lists of TTS sites

VoiceXML books

Title Pulisher Author(s)
VoiceXML: Strategies and Techniques for Effective Voice Application Development with VoiceXML 2.0 Wiley
(Dec 2001)
Chetan Sharma, Jeff Kunins
Voice Enabling Web Applications: VoiceXML and Beyond Apress
(Nov 2001)
Kenneth R. Abbott
Voice Application Development with VoiceXML Sams Publishing (Aug 2001) Rick Beasley, Kenneth Michael Farley, John O’Reilly, Leon Squire
Early Adopter VoiceXML Wrox
(Aug 2001)
Stephen Breitenbach, et. al.
VoiceXML: Introduction to Developing Speech Applications Prentice Hall (June 2002) James A. Larson
VoiceXML: 10 Projects to Voice Enable Your Website Wiley Mark Miller
VoiceXML 2.0 Developer’s Guide: Building Professional Voice Enabled Applications with JSP, ASP and Coldfusion Dreamtech

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