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Exercise 1.1

Why Develop Speech Applications for the Telephone?

Objection Recommendation
1 Others overhear private information spoken into a telephone. Call from a private place.

Enable callers to use touch-tone for input.

2 The caller is annoyed when speech recognition system fails to understand the caller. Revise dialog and grammar to encourage the user to say words that are more easily recognized.

Revise the dialog to limit the number of possible choices to each prompt.

Write error-handlers to handle misrecognitions.

3 Limited short-term memory causes caller to forget menu options. Make a shorter list of menu options.

Make the options easy to remember by using voice formatting.

Enable the user to request “repeat” of option presentation.

4 Long menu lists confuse people. Use short menu lists
5 Dislike of computers. Example of success will decrease caller dislike.

Automated systems avoid long periods of placed on hold.

6 Caller wants a choice not listed in an option. The caller may ask for help to clarify the meaning of options.

The caller should always be able to transfer to a human operator.

7 Caller is forced to listen to long prompts. Make prompts as short as possible.

Enable callers to barge-in.

8 User gets “lost in space”. Improve the menu structure and dialogs.

Add “go back” to redo an option.

Give shortcut options for advanced users.

9 A caller likes to lead the conversation. Develop mixed initiative dialog.
10 Some callers naturally speak in a complicated/sophisticated manner. Improve grammars.
11 System can not understand users with strong accents. Encourage callers with accents to train the ASR.

Enable caller to use touchtone.

12 User assumes that system uses touchtone input rather than speech input. Give clear instructions about speaking at the beginning of an application.
13 Non-native English speakers feel that the synthesized voice speaks too rapidly. Include an option that enables callers to alter the synthesized voice speed.
14 User feels the system is too structured and structured. Develop a mixed-initiative dialog integrated with the system-directed dialog.
15 The caller is hard of hearing. Provide option to adjust the dialog. (Short Exercise: design dialog to adjust volume)
16 User gets tired of holding the phone. Get headset

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