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VoiceXML: Introduction to Developing Sound Applications

Yes, this is the most suitable book that I know of as a college textbook on this topic. If I were teaching a class on this topic, I would definitely select it as my textbook.
-Deborah A. Dahl, Speech Solutions, Unisys Corporation

VoiceXML excels at introducing the process of developing speech-enabled applications. With advice including how to phrase a prompt, how to specify grammar or recognizing the caller’s response to a prompt, and what to do if the caller does not respond appropriately, this text answers fundamental speech user-interface questions. Jim Larson’s book is well suited as a college textbook for students and a trade book for professionals developing speech applications.

For one/two semester courses in Introduction to VoiceXML, undergraduate courses in Building Speech Applications in computer science courses.

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I’ve written several articles about speech and multimodal applications. The articles are partitioned into four categories:

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