Larson Technical Services: Voice Technology Consulting

Introduction to VoiceXML 2.0

(0.5 day course)

Learning Objective

Learn the basics of speech development languages so that you can begin to develop your own speech applications

Target Audience

Web developers who expect to design and implement voice applications

Instructor Background

Dr. Jim Larson is the co-chair of the W3C Voice Browser Working Group, which recently adopted VoiceXML as the basis for its W3C Speech User Interface Framework. He is the author of the book, VoiceXML—Developing Speech Applications using VoiceXML. Jim is manager of Advanced Human Input/Output at Intel Corporation. Jim is a certified VoiceXML 2.0 developer.

Detailed Description

Students will be asked to complete short exercises during the course.

W3C Speech User Interface Framework and its languages for developing speech applications:

  • The Grammar Markup Language—What the user can say
  • The Speech Synthesis Markup Language—What the user hears
  • The Natural Language Semantics Markup Language—What the user means
  • Reusable dialogs—User familiarity
  • The Lexicon Markup Language—How words are pronounced
  • The Call Control Markup Language—Connecting to users


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